A custom quilt + a tutorial

This a custom quilt I started about a week ago. The customer is my boyfriend’s mom, the quilt is for her friend. She wanted photos of her friend’s dog mixed in with the fabric so I decided to do the Bear Tracks pattern since they kind of resemble dog paws. I got the photos printed on fabric from Spoonflower. This friend is also deathly afraid of bigfoot but alas I could not find any bigfoot themed fabric at Joanns. I settled for pretty americana fabrics in red, brown, blue and green to match the style of the pattern. It looks like something that could be chilling in a cabin in the woods somewhere, maybe with Bigfoot outside??!

The bear tracks pattern is a great pattern for beginners who want to learn how to sew with triangles. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make one bear paw block. whoopee!

Here’s whatcha need: (to make one paw)
(1) 4 1/2″ square of dark fabric
(2) 2 7/8″ squares of dark fabric, cut diagonally to make 4 triangles
(2) 2 7/8″ squares of light fabric, cut diagonally to make 4 triangles
(1) 2 1/2″ square of light fabric

Take your triangles and put one dark and one light right sides together, sew a quarter inch seam. You can chain stitch your triangles together if you prefer. I just finally gave chain stitching a fair shake and it is indeed awesome. Less thread waste, things get sewn together faster, more time to nap… But anywho…

There’s the chain, just snip them apart once you finish all your triangles.

Then press the seams apart. I like to press seams apart, however the directions in the official pattern that I have say press towards the darker fabric. Whatever your flavor.

Here’s the front of the finished triangle square. They all look a little wonky at this stage. It will be ok.

Go ahead and iron the rest of your triangle squares. wee!

Now I always arrange it in the paw shape at this point so I don’t screw it up. You’ve got two triangle squares at the top with the dark fabric pointing SE, and two at the bottom with the dark fabric pointing NW. If that is throughly confusing then think about it all making the paw shape as you put it together. The one light square always goes in the top right corner.

Then, carefully so they stay in the right order, sew each square to the next, right sides together. You should have two squares sewn together at the top and three squares sewn together along the right side.

Then take your two-square piece and sew it to the large main square. Always right sides together! I’m going to stop saying that now. You can press your seam towards the darker fabric here. Just cuz.

Finally, sew your 3-square piece to the main body and iron towards the darker fabric.

Now make 47 more of them and mail them to me. Thanks!


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