2011 Sisters Quilt Show – Part 1 – Grandmother’s Flower Garden

This past Saturday I went to the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon. They boast being the largest outdoor quilt show in the world. And it was indeed. HUGE. I will be posting some photos of my favorite quilts from the show over the next few weeks.

This was one of the first quilts I saw when I was entering the town and made me really excited to see more. I was officially geeking out hardcore.

Gorgeous! And ALL hand-quilted, so impressive. Makes me slightly more motivated to finish my own GFG.

Here’s a vintage GFG. I love the blue plaid flower, so picnic-y! There was such a great vintage selection at the show, I was a very happy kid that day.

Love the yellow background on this one.

I LOVED this quilt. It seems like a modern take on the grandmother’s Flower garden by making the flowers but connecting all of them directly. I also like how some of the flowers have an extra layer around the outside so it kind of creates an optical illusion for your eye. It took me a minute to realize that all of the hexagons are the same size but look like different sizes because of the layering in color and pattern.

Looking at it up close it also looks like some of the flowers just naturally blend into one another. This quilter did a great job. I think I would take me years just deciding where and how all the flowers would go together.

More photos from the show to come!


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