The Miami Vice Quilt

I just started following a quilt-along for a sampler quilt. When I found this graphic of the quilt I immediately went “oOOOOOOooo” so there really wasn’t any decision about what fabrics to use. I am using the same ones that blogger freshlemonquilts is using – Pat Bravo’s Pure Elements. I am so excited to do an all-solids quilt! There are three blocks tutorialed per week for a total of 12 different blocks.

See pictures of my first blocks after the jump…

After I made a few blocks I showed them to my roommate and he said they looked like art deco colors from Miami, hence it’s new name!

Here are the blocks I’ve made so far:

The Star of Virginia

Greek Cross


Flower Garden Path

And all together on my ghetto design wall made from a piece of batting nailed to the wall.


2 thoughts on “The Miami Vice Quilt

  1. kate @swim, bike, quilt

    Your blocks are lovely! I saw your note late tonight (on vacation) about the six pointed string block today. If you cut 3.5 inch strips (the height of the triangle INCLUDING the seam allowances), you should be able to line one edge of the template up with the bottom edge of the strip, and the top point of the triangle should hit the top of your strip. (The sides of the triangle are 3.5 inches NOT including seam allowances, but you only have to worry about the height here.) If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email at swimbikequilt at gmail dot com.

  2. kellyhillis Post author

    Thanks for your reply Kate! Even though I’m sure my template is printed at 100% my triangle height seems to be more like 3.75″. I ended up making another stringblock paper and cutting 4″ strips to be safe. It turned out fine 🙂


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