Miami Vice is basted!

Yesterday I finished the top and back for the Miami Vice quilt and basted it while Ridge looked on with his typical sad eyes. Here it is pre-basted, pieced together with sashing and cornerstones. It also has a 3″ white border. The backing is white with colored stripes coming out from the edges about 7″ on all sides, cute!

Here are the blocks I haven’t shown yet (after the jump).

Star block

Arkansas Traveler

Six-pointed String Star

Lucky Pieces

Minnesota block

Evening Star (I switched this one up from the original suggestion of white background and rainbow star points because I felt the quilt was becoming too white and I wanted some more solid colored blocks.)

Rocky Road to Kansas

Kansas Dust Storm (This one ended up being a quarter inch larger than any other block, so it has some cropping on the left to fit into it’s spot. :/ )

For the most part I am very pleased how everything fit together and I enjoyed learning new techniques on this quilt. Now on to the quilting!


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