Happy Modern Dresdens

Woohoo another quilt is complete! This one has been on my to-do list for quite some time. I’m not even sure when I started it, maybe in the summer of 2009? Originally intended as a scrap-buster quilt. Then I put it away after finishing the top and finally got it back out to baste and start quilting in the winter of 2010-2011. I got it back out in the last month or so and finally finished the quilting and binding this week. It always reminds me of the show “Firefly” because I quilted it while essentionally shotgunning that show on Netflix. ha!

I consider this kind of a “cheater” Dresden as I didn’t want to applique the dresden plates to the background. (Sew all the edges down so there are no raw edges showing) I simply made each plate, re-inforced it with interfacing and then blanket stitched them onto a larger cream square. Once I had enough plates on squares I sewed them together and added a border plus another cream border. Over time the plates will get a little frayed along the edges but I think it will add to the charm of this old-fashioned pattern.

Now available in my shop!


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