30’s Hex Love (Parks&Rec Quilt)


I seem to always watch a particular tv show constantly during the process of each quilt. This one was Parks & Rec. Love that show!

I made the top to this one in 2009 also and recently got around to quilting and binding it. Just a little guy, would be perfect as a stroller blanket or playmat. More photos after the jump!


I was quite obsessed with hexagon quilts in 2009, so after finishing my grandmother’s flower garden top I quickly whipped this top up thinking I would make a hex series, but this was the only one that made it to fruitation. And as a goal in 2011 I started finishing up quilt tops since I was growing quite a pile of them. I still have one or two more projects and then I might be caught up with myself! woohoo!

I love this little quilt because the colors seem oh so 1930’s depression era to me. And the process that I used to make it, a traditional pattern mixed with using odds and ends fabrics speaks to the resourcefulness of the era.


As you can tell it was gently snowing outside this morning during the pictures. Love it!


For the quilting I did large embroidery thread stitches around the gray flowers on the front and regular quilting thread throughout the rest of the quilt. I love the combo effect and will definitely be doing that again on future quilts. The red thread coming through to the back also has a really interesting effect.

Now available in my shop.


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