The Modern Summer Sampler Series (BattleStar Galactica Quilt)

This quilt was made during watching season 1-3 of battlestar galactica. Seems appropriate enough, since there are several star blocks in the quilt and the bright mod colors just seem to say futuristic! to me.

I started this quilt last summer following the Summer Sampler Series Quilt-A-Long, here. I made my quilt almost exactly like Faith’s of FreshLemonsQuilts, but a few slight changes to the colors in the blocks. I really wanted to use the “Pure Elements” line from Pat Bravo, the colors are so bright and poppy and modern, and I had never made a quilt using only solids before. I am mighty pleased with how this one turned out, it’s so bright and happy!


More photos after the jump.


The blocks were really fun to make, and I would definitely make another sampler quilt again. I loved that I only had to make each block once, so if I hated it, I would never have to make it again! Some were a bit tricky and tedious with paper piecing, so all in all it was a great learning experience for making traditional quilting blocks. And I am very proud of how perfect some of the blocks turned out!


I want to make a whole quilt using this block. drool drool.


For the back I wanted to keep it simple and was planning on doing a solid white back. At the last second I decided that was too boring and pieced in these strips of leftover colors from the front. I have always thought of them as being like sticks of candy in a candy shop, and they bring just the perfect amount of interest to the back while keeping it simple.


I hand-quilted this, as I usually do, but this time I only quilted “in the ditch”, meaning only on seam lines. I love the effect it gives on this quilt because since I tried to only quilt each block in the same pattern that you see on the front, the pattern gets replicated as an outline on the back in the white. So cool! It’s hard to tell from pictures, but it’s there. Almost like having a whole cloth quilt quilted with a pattern. I also did this technique to keep the front as clean and poppy as possible, I didn’t want quilting lines to distract you from the fun playful blocks and patterns. I love it.















Now in my shop. 🙂


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