A Scrap Bustin’ String Quilt

Ever since I have been a regular reader of Film in the Fridge, I have wanted to make a string quilt. Recently inbetween projects and with a scrap bin overflowing, it was time.



I had no particular color scheme for this quilt, unless you want to call “Just get rid of. All. The. Scraps.” a theme. Piles and piles of scraps. I have been saving these scraps for YEARS mind you. I might have a problem when I can’t bare to throw away any scrap that is larger than 1 inch square. I even ask the ladies at the JoAnn cutting counter to write it off for me when they square up the fabric I’m getting. They look at me funny. Sigh.


Following Ashley’s tutorial, I used phone book paper and made 6.5″ blocks, which become 6″ blocks once sewn together. This was a very fun (and SATISFYING) quilt top to make as I literally did not spend any money to make it. I had everything lying around already! That’s my kind of quilt!


For my next String quilt, I plan on making the strings all the same width, which will hopefully eliminate the wonky centers of each diamond. I do enjoy the wonkiness on this one as that is not something I usually create, but I think some controlled chaos would also look spectatulor in this pattern.


Storm clouds were brewing as I took these this afternoon. It created amazing light on the quilt. I am becoming a bit of a photography nerd, one teeny baby step at a time.


On to basting and quilting this sucker. Still deciding on the backing… maybe a solid if I can get a good price, or rumage through my stash and put something funky together. 🙂


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