2012 Sisters Quilt Show

Here are my favorites from the infamous “largest outdoor quilt show” in Sisters OR this past July. I was so happy to go again this year, such a great day.


ImageLove that this quilt is partially hand-quilted.

ImageGreat use of scraps!

ImageLOVED this quilt. Amazing skills considering the whole quilt is collaged.


ImageLoved these sweet little flowers.

ImageThere is something so 1960’s about this quilt, like the whole futuristic/weird boomarang shapes/jetsons look is coming through for me. hehe.

ImageLove this sweet quilt. Would look so precious on a little girl’s bed.

ImageCool interpretation of the Stack Coins pattern. Would definitely try this if I did another stacked coins quilt.

ImageA string quilt! In modern Christmas colors! LOVE.

ImageThere’s something about bright teal that I will never get tired of. It WAS my favorite color in 1998, dontchaknow…

ImageMy second favorite quilt of the show. One of those moments where you see it from afar, know it’s something special, let out a HUGE GASP and then run over like a dork to revel in the amazingness.

I mean, look at it. Spiderweb pattern in old timey/retro/vintage fabrics. I have no idea why but this blows my mind! When I look at that pattern I usually picture modern/solid fabrics. *Slaps forehead* Plus the creamy stars are different shades of cream and EVEN polka dots sometimes. I die.

ImagePlus, that cheddar yellow border? SHUT UP, quilt. You’re amazing. And I’m jealous.

ImageFavorite quilt of the show. Possibly favorite quilt of my life. I needed this.


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