Grandmother’s Flower Garden: Top + Basted

 This is the first quilt I ever started. Being so ambitious, of course my first quilt EVER had to be one of the most time-consuming and complicated patterns. And 4 years later, it’s still not finished. Welcome to the Jungle…

I still love it though. I was totally giving myself little pats on the back today while taking pictures of it. “Those fabric combos? Yummy! Good job, self!” But excuse the wrinkles, please! It has been folded up in my sewing room for well, basically four years. And I’m too lazy to iron.

It’s definitely my back burner quilt. I finished the top in 2010 and basted it (the old school way with thread! yikes! I’m totally a spray baster now.) shortly after and then set it aside again to work on other projects. I think the hand-quilting that it requires is what’s stopping me from getting started on it, it just seems so daunting. All those little hexagons… And I also usually place a priority on making quilts for my etsy shop versus quilts for me, which is silly because I haven’t finished any quilts for myself yet! But right now is the perfect time to catch up on some hand-quilting projects since I don’t have access to my machine. yay!

You can see an excessive amount of batting showing in the corners to keep the quilt a rectangle while I’m doing the hand-quilting. This is mostly because I was concerned the outer hexagons would fray otherwise. Most likely I will do a binding that follows the basic outline of the top.

 I machine-pieced the top, which to be honest, was exhausting. Making the flowers was very fun, connecting them all with cream fabric, b-o-r-i-n-g. For lap size, (what I was going for) it’s a little small, but I couldn’t bear the thought of adding more hexagons for a border by the end. It could end up being an adorable baby girl quilt too!

 The back is all one fabric, this lovely print from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern collection. I might do a bright pink for the binding to pop against all that green.

As you can see in this photo and the full view, I added these little guys along the sides to add some interest. I didn’t want to start any more half-flowers so this seemed like a great solution.


❤ Kelly


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