Autumn Fabric Wreath

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A few weeks ago I found this tutorial on Pinterest for how to make a fabric wreath and knew it would be a great no-sew project for Fall. Yay!

I got all of my fabrics from JoAnn fabrics. I don’t have a lot of “Autumn” looking fabric and wanted it to have a definite seasonal look to it. Lucky for me, all of their seasonal fabric was on sale and I only got a quarter yard of everything, so it was very afforable. Gotta love Joann’s!

Here’s a peek at the back of the wreath. I love how it can possibly be reversible. The front looks more like leaves and the back is more rustic/primitive/autumnish.

Instead of using a wire wreath like in the tutorial, I used a styrofoam wreath I also got at Joann. I cut my fabric into strips about 10-12″ by 1.5″ and just wrapped them around the wreath and tied in a double knot. So simple! It took a little bit of time, just a couple of nights of tying while watching tv, not too bad. I’d estimate it as a 3 hour project in total.

If I were to make another one (which I totally will!) I might string some fun beads onto the fabric strips and/or hot glue some felt leaves or pumpkins onto the smooth side. I do want to tie a big pretty bow at the top to hide the unsightly white command hook. Now I’m totally on a wreath kick. I  think I might try this wreath for Christmas!

In other news, this pumpkin is totally ready for Halloween. I’m mostly excited about baking and eating pumpkin desserts. Don’t tell him…


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