Hello! I am a Graphic Designer and Artist with a love of textiles. I remember making a statement in first grade that I wanted to be an artist when I grow up, and in my mind that meant wearing a white smock and painting on a canvas everyday for the rest of my life. My love of art and craftiness evolved over the years from making magazine collages to friendship bracelets and hemp necklaces to learning to sew. I loved making pillows and home decor for my barbies, in fact I think I enjoyed “designing” their environment more than playing with them!

In college I began sewing wallets and small bags and opened my first etsy shop in 2005. After graduating in 2008 with a bfa in graphic design, I decided to start my first quilt as a way to pass the time while searching for graphic design jobs. I fell in love with the aspect of choosing and matching fabric to create a unique color scheme and that is still my favorite part of the quilting process.

I enjoy taking traditional patterns and making them modern and fresh. I mainly hand-quilt and enjoy learning more about the process and art of it. I started this blog to keep track of my progress and have a place to share tutorials. In the next year I hope to write a quilt pattern (or two!) and do more focused posts on color theory, pattern design, and education on hand-quilting. Hope you enjoy it!

I currently live in the pacific northwest and have a pet bunny named Clyde. Please check out my etsy shop for more examples of my work and new products. kellyhillis.etsy.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anna Fore

    Hi Kelly, I love your stuff. You are so talented! The quilt i really liked recently sold. But i just wanted to write a quick note asking how your custom orders work? My husband and I aren’t pregnant yet, but when we are, I def, want to have on of your awesome quilts in the nursery. 🙂 I really like the happy modern dresdens design, and like the new one that you are working on. When doing custom orders, do we help pick out the fabric and colors? Or do you kind of do that on your own. Thanks so much, look forward to hearing back.


    In my e-mail there is an R in between the anna and fore. Apparently there is another anna fore out there that gets alot of my e-mails! Just wanted to give you heads up!

    1. kellyhillis Post author

      Hi Anna! Thanks so much for your compliments! I’d love to work with you on a custom quilt, and any of the designs I have made that are currently in my shop or sold are possible options. You can have as much say or as little in the fabric selection as you desire, some clients love choosing all of the fabrics, some just give me a color range to work with, and some like to have quilts replicated as closely as possible to one that has sold. It’s up to you. Looking forward to working with you! 🙂


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