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30’s Hex Love (Parks&Rec Quilt)


I seem to always watch a particular tv show constantly during the process of each quilt. This one was Parks & Rec. Love that show!

I made the top to this one in 2009 also and recently got around to quilting and binding it. Just a little guy, would be perfect as a stroller blanket or playmat. More photos after the jump!

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The Miami Vice Quilt

I just started following a quilt-along for a sampler quilt. When I found this graphic of the quilt I immediately went “oOOOOOOooo” so there really wasn’t any decision about what fabrics to use. I am using the same ones that blogger freshlemonquilts is using – Pat Bravo’s Pure Elements. I am so excited to do an all-solids quilt! There are three blocks tutorialed per week for a total of 12 different blocks.

See pictures of my first blocks after the jump…

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A custom quilt + a tutorial

This a custom quilt I started about a week ago. The customer is my boyfriend’s mom, the quilt is for her friend. She wanted photos of her friend’s dog mixed in with the fabric so I decided to do the Bear Tracks pattern since they kind of resemble dog paws. I got the photos printed on fabric from Spoonflower. This friend is also deathly afraid of bigfoot but alas I could not find any bigfoot themed fabric at Joanns. I settled for pretty americana fabrics in red, brown, blue and green to match the style of the pattern. It looks like something that could be chilling in a cabin in the woods somewhere, maybe with Bigfoot outside??!

The bear tracks pattern is a great pattern for beginners who want to learn how to sew with triangles. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make one bear paw block. whoopee!

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