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30’s Hex Love (Parks&Rec Quilt)


I seem to always watch a particular tv show constantly during the process of each quilt. This one was Parks & Rec. Love that show!

I made the top to this one in 2009 also and recently got around to quilting and binding it. Just a little guy, would be perfect as a stroller blanket or playmat. More photos after the jump!

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Sweet Squares Quilt

I started this quilt top the other day when I found a bag of hundreds of 2.5 inch squares that I had cut out a while back. At the time I was intending to use them to make patchwork makeup bags, but when I found them again, I thought “Why not just make a quilt?” The bag of squares ended up being enough for half of a crib quilt size. I dug into my retro/vintage fabrics and cut out some more and have been (ahem) patiently piecing them together.

In order to simplify the chaos, I made a square out of 4 blocks in the same color scheme. (Blue, green, yellow/orange, and pink/purple) I then alternated those color blocks so most of the time there is not two of the same color blocks next to each other. (I say most of the time since no one is perfect…) Almost done with my last row and then I can try out my new basting spray!