Dresden Dresden Dresden!

Dresdens get all the attention. Meanwhile my poor string lap quilt is sitting in the to-be-quilted “Jan Brady” pile. I have been pretty busy the last few months with custom quilt orders. Here’s the latest, going to a sweet baby boy in Seattle.


ImageI love how the colors really pop on this one! The client had a wonderful color scheme already decided for her nursery, and they translated so well to the quilt. I love collaborating with custom quilt clients because every quilt ends up being so personal and unique.

If you’re interested in a custom quilt, please send me a message through my etsy shop! I’ll let you know my pricing structure, ask for a few details on color, design taste and other optional add-ons. I’ll send you some fabric photos before I begin to make sure I’m heading in the right direction, and once that’s settled I’ll get to work!

Happy Spring!

❤ Kelly


Ready for her close up

I thought I’d share some close-ups of hand-quilting on my current project. I’ll do the full reveal and post when it’s ready for it’s new home. I’m almost finished, and I am so enjoying the wrinkly, quilty, cuddly softness of it.


Have a great weekend!

❤ Kelly

Lovin’ On… Quilted Christmas Goodness

(From top left, left to right) 1. Peppermint Twist by CluckCluckSew 2. Christmas Ornament Balls by Cosmic Girl Designs 3. Christmas Quilt Binding by tropicalsoup 4. Simple Quilted Patchwork Tree Skirt by CitrusHoliday 5. Antique “Elf on the Shelf” by annagriffin 6. Red and White Linen Modern Quilt by PeppermintPinwheels 7. A Modern Christmas Quilt by PatSloan 8. Vintage Quilt Stockings by SewMamaSew 9. Christmas Quilt Inspiration by CluckCluckSew

Today I visited the lovely Parkland Parish Quilt shop in Tacoma, WA and walked out with the cutest retro Christmas fabric and plans to make a Christmas quilt. So I’ve got Christmas on my mind. In September! I’m sure I’ll snap out of it by next week since I’m usually horrified at stores putting out Christmas decorations in August, but I couldn’t resist digging up some modern Christmas inspiration from around the web tonight. Enjoy!

Lovin’ on… Cathedral Windows right now

(From top left, left to right) 1. By FlossyBossy 2. By the workroom 3. By 1159 studio 4. By alexisanneg 5. By the workroom 6. By sixorangesocks 7. By Needlework 8. By Happy Zombie 9. By the workroom

I used to think that Cathedral Window Quilts were so exquisite, so mind-warpingly detailed there was NO WAY I could ever make one. Those kind of quilts are reserved for the super advanced, smarty pants, “been quilting for 200 years kind of people”. Of course the quilters above are extremely talented, no doubt, but after reading through a few tutorials the process doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Actually do-able, even! Which means I totally want to make a dozen of them, right this second.

Like most quilts, there are billions of different fabric combos to make your CW unique and modern. I LOVE the idea of layering a print under the “window pane” fabric to give more color to the design (see #6) or just using a print other than cream or white for your background gives the quilt a completely different, bolder personality (#2, 4, 9). But I also love the simplicity and timeless quality of the cream/white backgrounds. (#1, 8)

Now you know why I need to make a dozen.

See some great tutorials here, and here.